3 Signs That It’s Time For A Logo Redesign

3 Signs That It’s Time For A Logo Redesign

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is having a logo that works as hard for your brand as you do, but it’s important to evolve as time goes on and trends change and develop over the years.

Be critical and take a look at the logo you have right now. If you’ve had it for a fair few years, chances are that it could do with a bit of a refresher, whether that’s just changing a colour or two, updating a font or going for a complete overhaul altogether.

It’s important not to become too attached to certain parts of your brand, as resistance to change could mean you’re not maximising your sales opportunities… but how do you know if your logo does need a bit of a retouch here and there?

First of all, think about whether your business has changed direction since it launched. Your logo needs to reflect what you do now, not what you did five years ago, and it needs to communicate that to your customers in order to help you build a loyal following.

Reviewing your competitors’ logos can also help show you if you need to make a few amendments to your own. You need to stand out, especially in a crowded marketplace, and your logo is what consumers will see first – so if other businesses in your industry are doing it better, you could be losing out.

If your logo wasn’t designed by a professional, it’s possible that it could do with a revamp, as well. When your business started, budget constraints may have meant you needed to do your logo yourself, but now that you’re established, properly designed branding could make a significant difference.

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