Branding ‘Represents More Than Quality Produce’

Branding ‘Represents More Than Quality Produce’

Branding is most successful when a company’s produce is of excellent quality and has a unique selling point. However, while this is essential, to really capitalise on a business’ marketing potential, it is important the branding also represents more than this.

When considering what logo design in Bedford to choose, how to construct the website, and what colours will depict your products, there is a lot to think about.

As well as working out what will appeal to your target market, it is important your branding showcases “values and personalities that consumers can relate to”.

This is the opinion of vice-president of marketing for Coral Gables, Del Monte Fresh Produce Dennis Christou.

He told Supermarket Perimeter: “Consumers will always see brands like Del Monte that are true to their values and build strong bonds and preference with their target consumers.”

Customers will be confident the fruit and vegetables they buy from Del Monte are produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way, while its commitment to quality has been shown over the years.

“We are incredibly proud of our longstanding reputation of the Del Monte brand as a trusted symbol of product quality, freshness and reliability,” Mr Christou stated.

While loyalty and consistency counts for a lot when it comes to recognisable branding, some companies may also benefit from redesigning their logo or website, particularly if it no longer represents their core values.

It is a good idea to incorporate an element of the old logo into the new one, so the company is still recognisable to customers.