How To Make Your Website Secure

How To Make Your Website Secure

Making sure your website is secure is essential if you’re to protect your business’s interests and also reassure your customers that using your site is safe for them to do so.

Recent research from Hiscox found that a small business in the UK is hacked successfully every 19 seconds, with cyber breaches costing the average company £25,700 in basic clear-up costs each and every year… so, as you can see, prioritising security measures could make all the difference.

There are all sorts of steps you can take to make your site more secure, but one of the easiest is installing an SSL certificate.

This will encrypt all the information that passes between your site and your site visitors – and Google even warns people when they’re trying to access a site without this certificate, as well as even discriminating against them in search… so SSL installation has all sorts of benefits associated with it.

Another option is anti-malware software, which provides you with all sorts of security services such as malware detection and removal, web scanning, vulnerability patching and more… doing all the technical work for you so you can sit back, relax and not worry about how safe your site is.

Also make sure that you keep your site updated with all the latest software. Failing to do this can leave you open to hacking attacks, but if you use a website builder they can take care of all this for you – so, again, nothing for you to worry about.

And make sure that your staff members know about their own personal responsibilities when it comes to the security site. Data breaches often come about because of human error, so factor this into any training programmes you run.

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