Is Alignment With Social Causes Eroding Trust In Brands?

Is Alignment With Social Causes Eroding Trust In Brands?

While, no doubt, there are countless brands out there with a strong moral compass and sense of social responsibility, keen to do their bit to give back to their local communities and show their support for a range of causes, it seems that younger demographics may actually find such endeavours alienating and inauthentic – so proceed with caution if going down this route.

New research from Hype Collective and The Park, reported on by The Drum, has just revealed that 59 per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 years old think that the majority of brand support for social issues and charitable causes isn’t genuine, with 15 per cent looking at it as a way of avoiding criticism.

The Generation Cynic report also found, however, that 71 per cent think showing support for causes is the right course of action, even if brands are motivated to do so in order to avoid a backlash or for commercial reasons.

Hype Collective’s founder and managing director Simon Lucey was quoted by the news source as saying: “Young Brits may accept commercial motivations as a necessary evil in getting support for causes, but brands should not take this for granted.

“Inauthentic brand activism and support for social causes can be damaging in the long-run. If public support for causes is not backed by significant actions, it’s meaningless.”

Authenticity is absolutely key when it comes to connecting with consumers by showcasing your social values, so if you’re shouting about something in your advertising and marketing campaigns, make sure that you’re backing this up with donations to relevant groups that tie in with what your ads are portraying.

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