Smart Brand Packaging Design: What You Need To Know

Smart Brand Packaging Design: What You Need To Know

When it comes to effective brand packaging design, there are a couple of solid principles to follow to help drive sales – making sure that goods stand out on shelves, that they engage with consumers, that they communicate your company’s key messages and that they ultimately sell… and sell well.

But there’s a relatively new concept that you may want to factor into the design process for upcoming products in the future and that’s smart packaging, a brilliant way to add value to your goods and services, and further engaging with your customers in a new, innovative and exciting way.

You could, for example, use QR codes and similar on packages to embed additional information about your products and give buyers even more bang their buck, something that big-name brands have been doing for quite some time now. Perhaps it’s your turn to grab a slice of the pie.

Or what about using it to help improve food safety standards if you sell certain products? You can now use packaging technology and the Internet of Things to attach temperature sensors to packaging so that people are able to check the age and freshness of produce prior to purchase.

And you could even use it to help customers make sure that what they’re buying is the genuine article. Check out this news piece on the Cosmetics Business website, detailing how smart packaging and blockchain technology can be used to offer greater protection to consumers in the fight against counterfeit cosmetics.

It may sound complicated and tricky to introduce, but that’s where design agency Cosanostra really comes into its own. If you’d like any help or advice, get in touch with the team today.