Spruce Up Your Website As Online Orders Soar

Spruce Up Your Website As Online Orders Soar

Brits are slowly getting used to not being able to pop to the shops to pick up things they want, with lockdown restrictions only permitting them to purchase ‘essential items’ during the coronavirus crisis.

However, as stores around the country have had to shut up shop, more people have relied on the internet for purchases.

This means businesses who have turned their attention to selling goods online should consider consulting a responsive web design agency to make sure they are as appealing to potential customers as possible.

As this is the only way consumers will learn about the business without a physical presence on the high street, it is essential retailers spruce up their web design and make it as easy as possible to navigate their way around, as well as purchase items from the site.

Indeed, members of the public have become so reliant on the internet for buying goods that Cadbury has revealed it has had queues of thousands of people trying to access its site to buy chocolate goodies for Easter.

The Sun reported that shoppers have had to wait more than ten minutes to even enter the site, although many customers tried for longer than this to purchase Easter eggs.

One consumer named Ella wrote on Twitter: “I spent an hour today in an online queue to get into the Cadbury’s website to buy Easter eggs for my family.”

Another said they waited seven hours before finding out Cadbury’s had reached its maximum order for the day.

Thorntons shoppers have been in the same position, with its online store opening at 09:00 every morning and often reaching its daily quota within an hour of this, according to the publication.