Top Tips For Logo Redesign

Top Tips For Logo Redesign

As you’re sure to already know, one of the most important design elements for your business will always be the logo. It’s what will come to people’s minds when they think of your company and you should think of it as the face of your business, a point of recognition for customers that tells them what they need to know about you, your goods and your services.

Over time, however, you may find that your logo no longer shouts about the core values of your brand in the way that you want it to. Perhaps your business has evolved or perhaps your industry has changed… whatever the reason, a logo redesign does need to be approached carefully as you only have one chance to get it right.

Take a look at your current logo and see if there’s anything particularly distinctive that really stands out about it. It might be wise to try and incorporate this in your new design, so that your customers can still recognise you as you.

During the design process, try not to compare your new ideas with your old ones as a way of measuring your success. You may be very attached to your old logo and this could get in the way of progress. Instead, think about how the new design better represents your business.

Once you’ve come up with a new logo you’re happy with, don’t forget to make sure you update your logo across all your company materials and all platforms, both online and off.

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