What Is Sustainable Website Design?

What Is Sustainable Website Design?

It perhaps might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the climate crisis, but the internet is in fact a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, consuming a huge amount of electricity… so if you’re keen to boost your green credentials this year, starting with sustainable website design could be a great place to start.

But what does this entail exactly? Your first step could perhaps be to make sure that you’ve chosen a sustainable hosting provider that uses renewable energy to power their data centres so you know that any power your website consumes comes from clean sources, rather than fossil fuels.

You can also reduce the size of your site’s individual pages so they use less electrical energy to transfer data, so review the files on each page to see if they can be trimmed down. The added benefit of increasing your page load time is that your search engine rankings are likely to be improved, as well.

There’s a lot you can be doing in the office, team by team, to help make your digital practices greener, such as by limiting the number of emails you send.

Apparently, if every adult in the UK sent just one less thank you email each day, it would slash 16 tonnes of carbon each and every year – the equivalent of 22 round-trip flights between London and New York.

Because websites are growing and becoming more complex as time goes on, it stands to reason that the energy demand of the internet will grow in line with this – so now could well be the perfect time to review the carbon footprint of your own site and see what changes could possibly be made.

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