Why Emotion Is Key To Advertising

Why Emotion Is Key To Advertising

Have you ever wondered why so many adverts include people with overt shows of emotion? It’s not just that businesses want you to think that their products will make you wildly happy – or that they can save you from sadness – there’s a psychological explanation.

CosmeticsDesign-Europe recently delved into the psychology behind including emotions in your adverts, whether print, digital or TV.

Patrick Fagan, consumer psychologist and founder and chief science officer at behaviour science start-up Capuchin, explained that emotions can be incredibly helpful to capture someone’s attention. He also noted that brands have a very short window in which to make that connection with consumers.

He added that seeing something emotional “gets us thinking about the content”. Once you’ve captured someone’s attention, you can then use other tools such as stories, metaphors and puzzles to help keep people focused on your brand.

Mr Fagan offered some advice about which emotions to tap into, and it’s little surprise that he recommended avoiding negative emotions.

“You want to grab attention and get consumers to remember the brand, but also associate positive feelings with it,” he asserted.

An article for Business2Community recently highlighted a range of content types that can engage with consumers on an emotional level. Brand advertising, for example, needs to make people develop positive associations with your brand, without being overtly about the brand itself.

Content that entertains, such as competitions and quizzes, can also help your company to develop that emotional connection, the news provider noted.

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