Why Website Design Matters

Why Website Design Matters

There can be few things as important to marketing a brand than a well-designed website. It takes a team of people from different specialisms, like graphic design, marketing, copywriters, website designers, user experience analysts and coders to design an effective website experience, who are always on the search for the latest trends in website design.

First, let’s break down what goes into a well-designed website. The Elements of Good Website Design. A good website should always consist of the following:

• On-brand look and feel
• An easy-to-use interface on any device
• A fast loading interface
• Accessible information your audience wants

Your website is an extension of you as a brand, and by brand, we mean who you are as an organisation. Your brand is your culture, how you present yourself to your clients as well as how your clients think about you. The brand is also colours, fonts, presentation styles, voice and tone, and even attitude.

It’s much more than just a pretty website, it has to function, and be accessible on all platforms, whether that’s a top of the range iMac, a battered old laptop, or mobile phone.

A good website also has to load quickly, but it will also depend on the speed of your hosting platform and the quality of your coding. In terms of design, though, there are certain things you can do or not do to ensure a fast loading website, such as optimising all of the images, avoiding using javascript, and plugins on CMS platforms such as WordPress.

Your design needs to support content in a way that makes it easy for the user to find and consume. As you map out the design of your website or take stock of what you currently have, make sure that the design and layout on any device make it easy for the user to find what they need and want.

For a website user to easily access the information they need from you, the site must be fast loading, have a clear and easy-to-use navigational setup, and work well on all devices.

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