BT new logo – justified? or BS?


Summer 2019 saw national Telecom giants BT steer their brand in a completely different direction when they launched their new logo concept. Clearly moving away from their recognisable multi-coloured globe image which has been with them since 2003, to a stripped back, minimalistic design of a circle with ‘BT’ set within it in a solid sans serif font.

BT claim that the motive behind the new simplified corporate logo was largely due to the switch from offline to online communications. “The previous logo was put together for a largely pre-digital world, where most of our brand touch-points were in print compared to today where 90% of our brand touch-points are on screen. The new design is far better suited to be equally effective in all the mediums we need it to be”.

The new logo has raised many eyebrows however – receiving a lot of criticism and ridicule. Poundland jokingly Tweeted their own version of the new BT logo – which was a circle with a P in it – with the caption reading”Hey @bt_uk we’ve just spent a £1 updating our logo to be just like yours.”

An article on titled ‘If less really is more, did BT get its new logo right?’ one of it‘s members had this to say: If a new corporate identity can be replicated in PowerPoint using Ariel Black by a design muppet like me in under two minutes, is BT’s design agency Red&White really earning their undoubtedly significant fees?

Here at Cosanostra Design, we deal with branding and logo design on a day to day basis and firmly believe in the metaphor less is more. A simplistic execution on a logo more often then not will stand the test of time and portray a company ethos more successfully then an over complicated “bells and whistles” approach to a logo. However, in this day and age the digital way of life has given consumers and design commissioning clients the tools allowing them to create simple logotypes. In the example we see above, we are under no illusion the professional creative agency responsible for the logo would have carried out extensive research before reaching the conclusion we see above. However with this in mind, there is the ethical question of being able to quantify your fee for a result an unskilled creative could replicate within 60 seconds.

The jury may be out on whether this new BT logo will weather the storm of it’s criticisms, however for our money, we would have expected a little more. Our approach to designing a new brand identity for this global giant would have taken us down a path of creating two bespoke letter forms or at the very least re-crafting the BT lettering, making them somewhat unique and more challenging to replicate, by pressing 2 keys on a keyboard.

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