Website Design Bedford


Websites can be a minefield as they come in all shapes and sizes, prices and platforms – at Cosanostra Design we like to eliminate complication and therefore only create them in what we believe to be the 2 best platforms;
Squarespace and WordPress.
A current growing trend we are seeing with the majority of our website enquiries is the need for simplicity, transparency and a modest design/build cost. To fulfill these requirements and still maintain the highest quality of creativity we believe there is no better platform than Squarespace.
Our clients seeking this simplistic option are set up with their unique Squarespace account, in return they will are billed direct by Squarespace who will automatically host and maintained their site while we are left to do what we do best – design!
For our clients seeking a fully bespoke more complex website with endless capabilities we believe WordPressis the best suited platform.
Our WordPress specialist will liaise with the client at all key stages of the build after the initial ‘requirements’ brief is approved.